Homepage of Alexandra. 

Professionally she is a freelance programmer. Privately she composes music and is in the process of writing books. She plays electric and acoustic guitar, bass, piano, synthesizer, baroque flute, clarinet and create her own instruments through sampling. Her further interests are in gardening, reading, painting, poetry, spirituality, esotericism, design, stained glass, electronics, cryptography, astrology, drawing and cooking.

Download Curriculum Vitae for 2021.

Covid free certificate (redacted for privacy)

Nature and animal welfare activism.
I have reverence for all living beings, and have been Vegan for most of my life. Nature, ecology and animal welfare are topics of my interest. reasons to consider a vegan lifestyle.

  • Offsetting carbon emissions certificate. 40 trees planted. (2020)
  • Offsetting carbon emissions certificate (2019).
  • As I do not have a drivers license, I travel mainly by train and bus. Air travel is my last option, and if so, I always try to offset carbon emmissions whenever possible. Human rights activism. Since I am transgender, I transitioned gender in 2014, I also am active observing human rights and promoting equal opportunity. Over the last 15 years I wrote many letters, and signed petitions with regards to human rights about racism, sexism, genderism and (monetary) inequality. A report I wrote on Human Rights (2017 - 2020).

    Certifications and study

    Programming/scripting languages

    • Python
    • PHP
    • Javascript
    • HTML(4-5)
    • KSP
    • CSS
    • SQL
    • XML/XUL
    • ASP
    • C++
    • ActionScript
    • ColdFusion.


    • Professional songwriting course
    • Singing course
    • Piano course
    • Voice training
    • Musicology course
    • Tango lessons
    • ffmpeg film and video editing

    Liberated education and gained skills

    • Acoustics
    • Harmony
    • Music theory
    • Music composition
    • Music production
    • Graphic design
    • Programming
    • Computer security
    • Ethical hacking
    • Source code analysis
    • Circuit design
    • Sampling
    • Interior design
    • Writing
    • Management
    • Esotericism
    • Musicology
    • Astrology
    • Philosophy
    • Psychology
    • Photography
    • Typography
    • Video editing
    • Carpentry
    This list continue to grow as she enjoys to learn new things.


    Dutch: reading, writing and speaking. Fluent. English: reading, writing and speaking. Fluent. Latin: reading. Minor. German: reading. Minor. French: reading. Minor. More information soon.